A history in hospitality. An entrepreneurial spirit from birth. And a purpose to foster interpersonal relationships became a passion for the meetings industry.


MMS is a privately held, family-owned, small business located in the Nation’s capital. What started as a family business in hospitality turned into a response to the growing need for white-glove service in the meetings industry. Today, we manage small and large conferences and meetings, ranging from 150 people to over 14,000. We take pride in our success — and in our associates who have worked with us for years (if not decades). Together, we’ve built a reputation as problem solvers who get things done for our clients.

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Our work philosophy is simple: foster an organization without barriers that’s driven by passion, results, and experience.

It’s been said that the fastest route between two points is a straight line. But life, and our work in particular, is rarely if ever one. There are twists and turns; road blocks; an occasional hazard; and the unexpected around every corner. What makes MMS different is we’ve created a flat organization that feeds off each other’s experience to manage the curves and bends. We are not married to one process, technology or even vendor. We keep ourselves open to new ideas and ways of thinking to ensure we adapt to ever-changing conditions — and deliver the best solution for you.


Experience across the entire United States and over 6 continents.

No matter where it is — we get it done.


Our expertise in the meeting & event industry is not only developed by our tenacity for improvement but by the collection of our diversified meetings and clients, ranging from small board meetings to large city-wides, from Fortune 100 companies to non-for-profits.

It’s time to do more with your meetings

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